In Memoriam: Ed Switalski

Fire Chief Edward Switalski

End of Watch: June 14, 2017
Last Alarm: 17-0722

Ed was sworn into office as Fire Chief on July 1, 2013. He came to Michigan after retiring as a Battalion Chief from the Pleasantview Fire Protection District, a suburb of Chicago, where he served for 34 years. He brought years of experience and passion for the fire service and community with him. As a Chief, he was very actively involved in furthering today’s fire service and a huge proponent of public outreach and community involvement. He stayed very active and was known and loved by many.

On the evening of Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, a 9-1-1 call was dispatched to Comstock Fire & Rescue on Interstate 94 for a possible accident. Like any other routine call, Chief Switalski “990” responded. Fortunately, there were no injuries, a mere slide off. Chief walked to the back of his vehicle and began to doff his turnout gear to head home, when a car traveling at speed on the interstate hit the median concrete wall and bounced across the highway, striking the Chief. Despite the immediate care he began to receive by his fellow firefighters, he ultimately succame to his injuries.

Chief Switalski became the first line of duty death for the Comstock Department of Fire & Rescue since its inception in 1924.

He will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace.

ed switalski
ed switalski
ed switalski
ed switalski

The Final Call

“All units standby for tone out…


Kalamazoo County Dispatch to Comstock 990…

Kalamazoo County Dispatch to Comstock 990…

Kalamazoo County Dispatch to Comstock 990, Chief Switalski…

This is the final call for Chief Edward Switalski. Chief Switalski was fatally injured while answering the call of duty Wednesday, June 14, 2017. He dedicated his life to serve his community with courage, compassion and valor. The men and women of the Comstock Township Department of Fire and Rescue will be forever grateful, honored and proud to have served with Chief Switalski and will never forget his ultimate sacrifice. All units please break for a moment of silence…

Chief may you rest in peace knowing that your strength lives on in your wife Holly, that your legacy will be carried on through your daughters Alison and Emily and that your honor will continue in all who have learned to be better people through your example. Thank you for your 38 years of service, your fearless ability to lead, your incredible work ethic, your devotion to better yourself and others and mostly for showing us all the importance love and dedication that you have for your family…

Kalamazoo County Dispatch to all units, Comstock 990, Chief Edward Switalski, is off duty for the final time. Godspeed Chief.”

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