Firefighter’s Memorial

The Memorial Site

The Comstock Township Firefighter’s Memorial is built on the former site of the Comstock Fire Department’s Central Fire Station. This station was constructed in 1950 and served as the townships central fire station for 60 years. This facility was originally constructed to function as both the township hall, as well as, a fire station. Later, it also served as the living quarters of the department’s fire chief and his family. The station proudly served the township until 2010 when the new central station at 1960 River St. was built.

Today, the Memorial stands at this historic site as a tribute to and a reminder of the service and sacrifice made by members of the Comstock Township Fire Department past and present, who have bravely served with honor, dignity and devotion.

Pave The Way To Honor

The Comstock Firefighter’s Memorial needs your help. Funds are being raised to build the second phase of a beautiful tribute to honor Comstock Township Firefighters for their duty. To raise funds for this project, the department is selling engraved brick pavers to be placed at the Memorial. You can support this project by purchasing a personalized paver brick to serve as a lasting tribute. Personalized bricks will allow local businesses, firefighters, as well as friends & family of the Comstock Fire Dept. to be recognized and become a permanent part of the memorial, helping us pave the way to honor.

The Current flagpole and memorial rock are only the first phase of the permanent memorial that will honor all those who have served in the line of duty since the Comstock Fire Department was formed in 1924.

Each brick you purchase will help fund necessary improvements by paying for land preparation, construction and landscaping.

Reserve your brick today and become a part of history. Show your gratitude for the service and sacrifice that members of the Comstock Fire Department have made ensuring the safety of the citizens of Comstock Township. Support the Comstock Township Firefighter’s Memorial today and help preserve this historic site for the future.